AI、Blockchain / Bitcoinのように自律分散型が現代のトレンドです。Axionプロジェクトは、メディア生成を分散構造のインターネットに適合させるものです。 Axionのエコシステムは、メディア業界全体のコストを削減し、広告主導のコンテンツ配信の非効率性を排除し、ユーザーエクスペリエンスを大幅に向上させ、インターネットの現在のクリックドリブンなエコノミーを変革します。






Disrupt click-driven internet economy

Trend is autonomous / distributed like AI, Blockchain / Bitcoin. This project make madia generation fit internet having distributed structure. Axion ecosystem will reduce the overall cost of media industry, remove inefficiency of ad-driven content distribution, greatly improve user experience, and disrupt the current click-driven economy on internet.

Traditional media still have broadcasting characteristic, providing information unilaterally, and so do digital media coming out lately. Internet allows us to communicate each other, so axion aim to change media generation and distribution into “Node” in term of computer network.

The World face with fake news in US presidential election 2016. This show that human collective behaviour is sometimes very confused, and one of big factor of confusion is clearly information people are given.

Information and intelligence create right decisions

In some study, it is clear that memories are shared among groups in novel ways through communication application , blurring the line between individual and collective memories.

Data exchanged online amongst people leveraging mobile device, is explodingly expanding. Now that free content distribution infrastructure is provided to everyone, traditional media is starting to lose its role. Individuals continue to expand the information options. What kind of information should be made when individuals can access the rich intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) in the future?; it is Prediction.